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On the strength of its professionalism and great experience gained over time and its deep attention to details, BIGonDRY Ltd. has established itself on the engineering and implementation of customized solutions according to different environmental context and end uses, choosing raw materials of the highest quality.
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BIGonDRY Ltd. has a highly skilled technical department able to support customer demand since the design phase by identifying the best technical and constructive solutions according to specific customer requirements.
Its continuous search for quality and innovation of trusses allowed BIGonDRY Ltd. to develop new production technologies much to the advantage of implementation timing, installation and costs.

BIGonDRY Ltd. has always used quality raw materials, synonymous with safety.

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Ventilation system equipped with special reversible axial impellers providing the maximum efficiency at the lowest energy consumption and noise level.
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Heating plants provided with:
- hot water heat exchangers
- electrical resistors
- gas direct exchangers

Ultrahigh pressure
conventional spray unit.

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Sliding Under-Loft and Baffle
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Customized air exchange systems applied on wide-ranging environmental and operating areas, with special solutions to reduce noise and efficiency.
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