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BIGonDRY Ltd. develops heat generator plants in close collaboration with
leading companies in the advanced thermo-technique engineering.
It is able to design and offer innovative and customized solutions for the
biomass energy by converting waste processing into energy production fuel.

BIGonDRY Ltd. never gets enough from reinventing and is always willing
to put itself on the line to reach new goals.

Custom plants for energy production.
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BIGonDRY srl
Ph (+39) 0424-219594 r.a. Email:
via delle Industrie, 61 _ 36050 Cartigliano (Vicenza ) Italy _Telephone: (039) 0424-219594 r.a. _ Fax: (039) 0424-592367_ Email: info@bigondry.com_P.Iva 02920490246