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Direct fieldworks to constantly upgrading our research and addressing the most appropriate solution, our dedication and commitment ... always being there and never leaving anything to chance.
A lifetime of achievement and experience all over the globe … and then … our choice to face a new great challenge.
BIGonDRY Ltd. was born.
Our acquired know-how leads to the birth of secure, efficient and reliable plants.
A continuous monitoring ensures stability and security.
This allows today
BIGonDRY Ltd. to be a reference point in the global market of wood treatment.
And I proudly express my greatest satisfaction ... now as before we have been committing ourselves to challenges
on new areas such as clothing, agro-food etc. , as well as the development of eco-friendly plants.
Recycling, low power consumption, efficiency and high quality products.
A fully trained and motivated professionals staff provides our customers with quality,
safety and global assistance at any time.
Presidente Delegato_Bruno Bigon
On the World.
since 10 years.

We have come a long way... Hundreds plants in over

35 countries...

... reliability and quality.

BIGonDRY Ltd. was established in 2001, joining the passion and the experience of two generations, father and son. The Company is state-of-the-art focused on design, engineering and production of dry kilns, wood vaporization and heat treatment systems.
Its “Made in Italy” technology and fully automatic control system ensure significant energy savings in the operating costs..

BIGonDRY Ltd., thanks to its dedicated body of fully trained technicians and sales professionals, meets customers’ needs with success all over the world.

Working in a specialized sector, we keep on improving our research projects and developing innovative systems and solutions in order to face competitive market challenges.
Wood, ancient and essential raw material in today’s global economy, makes to most of our goals.

Experience all over the globe.

Quality lives here.

A treated product needs

quality,... always.


BIGonDRY Ltd. is your careful and meticulous partner. You will get excellence through a first-class use of components and high construction standards even in the simplest product.
We provide firewood processing as well as hard wood drying for any use and special treatment of Thermowood and Phytosanitary for the packaging industry and, last but not least, ad-hoc wood treatment plants for clothing and agri-food industry.
BIGonDRY Ltd. is always cutting edge and point of reference.

, ... and you always get a good product from excellent raw materials.

The People.

A look at the past with the enthusiasm and the desire to think about the future ... But the real challenge begins today; a rapidly changing and evolving present that every day we face with passion and the desire to improve and grow.
That is what
Michele Bigon says. He is an enterprising young man who has chosen to carry on and develop the great teaching of his tireless father, who is above all never ready to surrender and to leave anything to chance. The real plus of BIGonDRY Ltd.

BIGonDRY Ltd: Thanks to a worth synergy among our multiannual trained specialists supported by a creative, enthusiast, resourceful and highly knowledgeable young manpower, we have been able to create our productive and commercial reality. We successfully provide innovative and customized solutions starting from drying cells up to turnkey plants, equipped with a thermal and electrical energy generation system, flexible to any circumstance.

BIGonDRY Ltd. is made up of a number of about 20 domestic employees and an Italian and worldwide network of agents and operators with on-the-spot representative offices.
Calling upon our professional, technical and commercial skills, our turnkey plants and testing service can be run in different languages, such as:
English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian-Croatian, Russian.

BIGonDRY srl
Ph (+39) 0424-219594 r.a. Email:
via delle Industrie, 61 _ 36050 Cartigliano (Vicenza ) Italy _Telephone: (039) 0424-219594 r.a. _ Fax: (039) 0424-592367_ Email: info@bigondry.com_P.Iva 02920490246