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Bigondry wood drying kilns,
high quality standards

Conventional drying installations for sawn wood, hardwood and softwood, with capacities ranging from 2-3 m3 to over 250 m3, fully aluminium or customized to existing structures, made of standard modules or provided as per specific customer requirements.
BIGonDRY Ltd. dryers may be powered by any source of energy: hot water, steam or dia-thermic oil supplied by conventional or solid fuel boilers as well as hot air generated by gas, diesel or electric heating systems.

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Dryer provided with under-side loading rail car.
It fits particularly fast drying cycles, providing in the low processing cost advantage through track loading and unloading time optimization.

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Storage facilities and pre-drying plants are a true alternative to wood natural drying, mostly in case of damaged wood quality by sudden weather changes or for companies requiring plenty production volume.

These logistics solutions for storage in air-conditioned warehouses allow the wood to gradually release the first part of moisture and then be subjected to final drying processes. Fresh cut wood moisture can thus be lowered to 20-25% through a constant monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc.. Advantages can be briefly outlined, as follows:
- Best quality thanks to reduced defects from
collapsing (splits) of wood fibers;
- Versatile and custom solutions based on
customer’s size and requirements;
- Operating cost reduction of any large quantity
of stored materials;

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