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Eco-friendly Plants

The highest regard for the environment. BIGonDRY Ltd. takes up a new challenge investing in research and the development of eco-friendly plants with low energy consumption and CO2 emissions. A special attention is paid to consumption and recycling for the protection and maintenance of a common good... the environment and its forests.
Thanks to its research into new eco-friendly systems and products, recycling, low power consumption and high efficiency
BIGonDRY Ltd. has always been synonymous with competence and reliability.
A fully trained and motivated professionals staff provides our customers with quality, safety and global assistance.

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Rec-Plus - Eco-friendly plants
maximum efficiency and lower consumption
Due to the rising cost of conventional fuels and the ever extended use of biomass cogeneration systems, increasing their demand and therefore their market value, a dryer manufacturer must focus on solutions that optimize consumption.
After product quality and service support, energy saving is the second
BIGonDRY‘s objective, providing increasingly effective heat recovery solutions.
It is possible to save up to 20 - 30 % on the costs. The development of drying systems runs in the same direction.
They recover heat from renewable energy sources, providing plants operating at low temperatures.

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Biolem - Eco-friendly plants _ full recycling
BIGonDRY Ltd. has developed specific solutions for the firewood and wood chips drying, which fit to any customer’s sort of packaging and production line or logistics. Focussing on the proposed systems, the Company spares no effort to minimize investment cost and optimize consumption process.
Those conditions are essential to enable a competitive biomass drying.
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