Advanced microprocessors for a
total control.


plant under control


Our Automatic Control Device is the heart of our wood drying kilns. The effectiveness of the automatism is the most accountable quality factor in wood processing. A full control of the air and wood parameters will later shape the best results expressed in terms of:

  •  quality achievement
  • flawless
  • time-saving
  • lower energy consumption

BIGonDRY srl affords a wide range of microprocessor control mechanisms.
All automatisms, only manufactured in Italy, represent the engineering excellence in the wood sector.
These devices provide a progressive drying setting, employing technologically advanced probes, for a significant energy saving.
Our control units are equipped with an easy to use interface, particularly important in case of non-computerized systems.


control System

Treatment management and control.


Plant Computer Management


Remote Customer Support


Artificial Drying

Artificial drying is used to reduce the wood moisture content to set values, properly monitoring the climatic parameters in the plant such as:

  • temperature
  • humidity
  • pressure
  • ventilation.

Basically the artificial drying leads to a rapid and low-cost removal of water from wood, in order to prevent any moisture gradients uprise or surplus.

A good drying process offers the following advantages:

  • it is possible to obtain any humidity values regardless of climate and atmospheric conditions
  • the drying is more homogenous
  • drying times are reduced
  • lower investment and operating costs
  • lower risk of alterations caused by fungi or other serious damages of wood
  • the wood is sterilized against insects, eggs and larvae
  • improvement in the added value of the finished product


An improper control of the drying process involves shrinkage and swelling of wood, such as:

  • residual internal stresses
  • cracks, collapses ...
  • irregular humidity distribution
  • wood unsuitable for quality manufacturing purposes

Plant Computer Management

Main features:

  • easy-to-use keypad/display interface
  • RX System PC-based connection
  • up to 30 phases per cycle
  • parameter proportional control
  • advanced drying function (“Advanced Drying”)
  • multiple input value control sensors
  • multiple actuator and output device control
  • energy saving applications through active control of fan speed drive based on actual air circulation and turbulence measuring
  • adjustable fan speed within a time band planning
  • PDF Reports on energy consumption per drying cycle
  • VENUS 2500GR multi-language support including Cyrillic script
  • alphanumeric display
  • sterilization management/control function according to FAO ISPM-15 standards.


Drying cycle

The drying cycle is fully controlled.
Every single cycle is customized during the drying process and each step can be adjusted upon individual needs.

Control Report    Moisture and temperature in the building detected by several level sensors.

Control Report

Moisture and temperature in the building detected by
several level sensors.

Humidity level sensor

Humidity level sensor