We have a dream.


BIGonDRY srl, with over twenty years of history, has emerged as a protagonist in the wood drying sector .

Thanks to its direct experience, Mr Bigon has managed to combine the study and the research in technological innovation with the care and attention to the customer and his needs. BIGonDRY’s kilns and chambers are high precision systems studied and producted according to the needs of each individual customer.

Working with us means working with dynamic and skilled technicians, ready to find a solution tailored to your drying request.
Whether you are a small or a large enterprise, BIGonDRY has the right solution for you!




Our acquired know-how leads to the birth of secure, efficient and reliable plants. A continuous monitoring ensures stability and global assistance at any time. This allows today BIGonDRY srl to be a reference point in the global market of wood treatment.
BIGonDRY srl proudly express her greatest satisfaction ... "now as before we have been committing ourselves to challenges on new areas such as clothing, agro-food etc. , as well as the development of eco-friendly plants."
Recycling, low power consumption, efficiency and high quality products.


Our future is inextricably linked to our present and our past.


The people.


Learn by the past and improve for the future.

... passion and professionalism ...


Passion and experience shared by two generations, father and son, led in 2001 to the foundation of BIGonDRY srl, a company specialized in the design and construction of technological advanced systems for drying, steaming and heat treatment of wood.


Italian technologies combined with fully automatic control systems allow to create plants that works economically, with significant energy savings.

BIGonDRY srl composed by highly trained technicians and sales professionals, successfully satisfies its customers all over the world.


In this specialized field, the research continue to innovate systems and develop always news solutions, facing the competitive challenges of the market.

The constant goal is the enhancement of a raw material, the wood, ancient but fundamental also in today's global economy.



In the world.


Hundreds of plants in over 55 countries.

... reliability and quality ...


The real challenge is think about today, a constantly changing and rapidly evolving present, which BIGonDRY srl faces with determination and continuous desire to grow and improve herself.

That is what Mr Bigon says. He is an enterprising young man who has chosen to carry on and develop the great teaching of his father, that is not never ready to surrender and to leave anything to chance. The real PLUS of BIGonDRY srl.


Thanks to a worth synergy among our multiannual trained specialists supported by a creative, enthusiast, resourceful and highly knowledgeable young man power, BIGonDRY srl has been able to create her productive and commercial reality. She successfully provide innovative and customized solutions starting from drying cells up to turnkey plants, equipped with a thermal and electrical energy generation system, flexible to any circumstance.

BIGonDRY srl is made up of a number of about 30 employees, and an Italian and worldwide network of agents and operators with on-the-spot representative offices.
Calling upon our professional, technical and commercial skills, our turnkey plants and testing service can be run in different languages, such as:
English, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Serbian-Croatian, Russian.

Guaranteed quality.


BIGonDRY 's plants, always high quality standards.

... Quality lives here ...


BIGonDRY srl is your careful and meticulous partner. You will get excellence through a first-class use of components and high construction standards even in the simplest product.


She studies every request with attention and commitment, from firewood processing to hardwood drying for any use, special treatment of Thermowood, Phytosanitary for the packaging industry and, last but not least, ad-hoc wood treatment plants for clothing and agri-food industry.

BIGonDRY srl is always cutting edge and point of reference.

" You always get a good product from excellent raw materials."