Drying Kilns

BIGonDRY Wood Drying Kilns, a high quality standard.


Conventional drying kilns installations for sawn wood, hardwood and softwood, with capacities ranging from 2-3 m3 to over 250 m3, fully aluminium or customized to existing structures, made of standard modules or provided as per specific customer requirements.

BIGonDRY srl kilns may be powered by any source of energy: hot water, steam or diathermic oil supplied by conventional or solid fuel boilers as well as hot air generated by gas, diesel or electric heating systems.

A quality product starts with drying!

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Systems with direct gas burner

System operating with direct gas burner, it allows to reach high temperatures in a short time and thus speed up the cycles. It also does not require the boiler and the related management costs.

Traditional system with hot water coils

Drying kilns with hot water heating system. This system allows you to use wood waste especially if available in large quantities. BIGonDRY can also supply the boiler and the hydraulic circuit.

“Tunnel” Kiln

Kilns provided with under-side loading rail car. It fits particularly fast drying cycles, providing in the low processing cost advantage through track loading and unloading time optimization.

Pre-Drying plant

Storage facilities and pre-drying plants are a true alternative to wood natural drying, mostly in case of damaged wood quality by sudden weather changes. These logistics solutions for storage in air-conditioned warehouses allow the fresh cut wood moisture be lowered to 20-25% through a constant monitoring of environmental parameters such as temperature and  humidity.


Openings Systems

We can provide different opening system solutions according to the specific needs of the customer, simple, space-saving and safe solutions!

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Frequency modulator

Intended for the partialization of the rotation speed of the fans, it allows to reduce the management costs of the kiln by optimizing energy consumption and at the same time improving user comfort.

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ISPM-15 Application

Software for the control of heat treatment phase in accordance with the norm ISPM 15 . The software enables to store the process data and create a report fully complying with the norm specifications.

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Heat Recovery System

The heat exchanger is designed in order to exploit as much as possible the exchange of heat of hot air flowing out of the kiln and transfer as much energy as possible to the fresh air flowing in, saving 15-20% of energy.

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Energy Management program

Application that allows you to calculate the costs of electricity and heat for each treatment.

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Digital Temperature Probes

The digital probes are mainly recommended for drying fine woods, as these allow to detect more precise data of the temperature of the wood, favoring perfect drying.

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Protecting Walls

Aluminum profiles that allow you to protect the kiln walls.

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