Thermal Modification Kilns

Thermal Modification Kilns (THW)

THW is the line of machinery for the thermal modification of the wood with high temperature. This range of plants goes from a net capacity of 4 m³ up to approximately 30 m³, with a very precise and sophisticated management system.

BIGonDRY Srl is also focused on eco-sustainable processes and the construction of eco-friendly systems in order to create a development opportunity but with attention to optimizing energy consumption, combining the best relationship between quality and price.

To summarize, BIGonDRY built a technologically advanced and extremely versatile machine that can do different treatments as:

Heat treatment according to ISPM-15 Standards,
High termperature treatment up to 250°C,
Thermo-steaming of the wood,

with enormous advantages in terms of consumption and environmental impact thanks to the reduced emission into the atmosphere and the advanced electronic control that guarantees excellent results in the property of the wood.

A very sophisticated electronic control system guarantees excellent results on wood with dark and homogeneous color tones throughout the thickness. This innovative system of heat treatment plant at high temperatures gives the wood characteristics of durability and stability, without chemical additives on the wood. The thermally modified wood reduces shrinkage and swelling and improves resistance against pest infestation.

Innovation to preserve and enhance one of the most important materials in the global economy: Wood!

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Heating systems

THW Systems By BIGonDRY are equipped with a direct two-stage gas burner, suitable for the combustion of gaseous fuels. The generator consists of a monobloc that incorporates the combustion chamber with the burners and the heat exchanger made of AISI 316 stainless steel tube.

Control system

The THW system control automatism allows the customer to perform various treatments thus making the machine extremely versatile. It is in fact possible to dry, vaporize, sterilize according to the ISPM-15 and thermo modify the wood up to 250°C.

Sizes and models

The THW range goes from a net capacity of 4 m³ up to approximately 30 m³, with a very precise and sophisticated management system. The system is supplied pre-assembled, suitable for shipment by truck or container. The only thing left to do on site is connection, testing and commissioning.


Condensation Filter

The condensation filter is designed  to capture cooling and condensation vapours that go out from THW.

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ISPM-15 Application

Software for the control of heat treatment phase in accordance with the norm ISPM 15 . The software enables to store the process data and create a report fully complying with the norm specifications.

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